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Get a Library Card


Free Membership Registration

Public libraries are required by law to adhere to the Public Libraries Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990, chapter P.44 (formerly called the Public Libraries Act 1984) which states in Section 23 that library boards shall allow the public to reserve and borrow circulating materials free of charge.

The public includes all residents within the municipality for which the library board is established.
  • A resident of Deseronto Public Library may apply for membership at the library
  • If requested, patron must supply verification of address and identity by showing a document bearing his/her name and current address (e.g., driver's license, student card).
  • Parent or guardian must apply for a library card on behalf of a child under the age of 12 and accept responsibility for their children’s borrowing, fines, damaged or lost items, and behaviour.

Membership Includes

  • Use of the library's materials in the library
  • Borrowing circulating materials
  • Usage of the basic reference and information services.
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Computer & Internet Use

Video Membership

Complete a Library and Video registration card with signature accepting responsibility that they have read and acknowledged the Video guidelines and will follow the rules and regulations of the Deseronto Public Library. Members will be:
  • Responsible for all video materials borrowed with their library card (Parents/guardians will be responsible for members under the age of 16)
  • Responsible for all videos while on loan to them and will be billed for any loss or damage to any videos
  • Required to pay for the charges for the actual replacement of the video plus a $2.00 processing charge
  • Allowed to borrow up to three videos per family for a loan period of one week

Membership Renewal

  • Library Membership may be renewed annually, one year from the date of issue
  • Outstanding fines and charges must be paid in order to renew a membership card
  • Patron must supply verification of address and identity by showing a document bearing his/her name and current address (e.g., driver's license, student card).
  • Lost or damaged library cards will be replaced at a cost of $5.00 (first time)

Members Have Certain Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for all materials borrowed with his/her card and agree to abide by the regulations of the Deseronto Public Library
  • Parents or guardians of members under the age of 12 are responsible for their children's borrowing and behavior with respect to the observance of board policy.
  • Present the library card each time materials are borrowed
  • Pay all fines or charges incurred for overdue, damaged or lost library material
  • Observe all policies set by the board as authorized by the Public Libraries Act
  • Report the loss of a card or change of address as soon as possible.
  • If library material is lost or mutilated patron shall be required to contribute to the cost of replacing that material. Charges for lost or damaged materials will be assessed and will be based on the actual replacement cost plus a $2.00 processing charge
As per Board policy a patron may have their library privileges withheld for anyone refusing to comply with board policy. Such cause may be
  • Failure to return borrowed materials
  • To pay penalties
  • Destruction of library property
  • Disturbance of other patrons after a warning has been given by library staff and ignored by user
  • Any other conduct on library premises considered objectionable by library staff

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